Thursday, June 29, 2017


Davey is outside extremely pissed off kicking and punching the dumpster. He's pacing back and forth upset that he's always doing the dishes and never getting the respect he deserves. Once he releases some of his stress outside he heads back into his house and begins doing the dishes. He mumbles to himself how his stepdad is always telling him to do the dishes, clean up his room and suck his dick. What Davey doesn't know is that while he was mumbling, Brenden his stepdad was in the hallway listening to him. Brenden walks up to him and tells him he liked his last remark and pushes Davey down on his knees and Davey without hesitation starts to suck on his hard dick. He takes it deep into his mouth as Brenden face fucks his young eager mouth. Brenden takes him back to the room and starts sucking on his hard young uncut cock while Davey strokes his dick. Brenden loves to tease Davey. Davey tells Brenden that he's ready for his throbbing dick to be balls deep inside of him. Brenden bends him over the bed, pushes his back down and slowly squeezes into his tight young ass. Once he's balls deep Brenden starts to fuck him hard and fast. Davey can't help but moan in pleasure as he gets man handled by Brenden. Davey gets fucked in a few positions and eventually ends up on his back missionary being fucked. Brenden pulls his hard cock out and they both beat off until Davey is first to blow a huge stream of cum all over himself. Once Brenden sees all the cum that just shot out he releases his load all over Davey's smooth chest. Enjoy!

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They both start off quick by taking turns sucking each other's hard eager cocks. Mathias has a sexy hard and very veiny dick that looks like it's ready to explode at any moment. Once their dicks have had enough mouth Mathias mounts up and does what he does best. Mathias begins to push his big dick into Richard's tight round ass balls deep and once he does that's when his rhythm starts. With each thrust into Richard you can see all the muscles on Mathias explode with clarity. Don't let his beautiful ripped abs distract you from the pounding that Richard is enjoying so much. The sounds being captured from Richard being pleased by Mathias's throbbing cock will send any one over the edge. Mathias fucks Richard all over the bed utilizing him the best way he can until his ass just can't take it no more. Richard ends up on his back as Mathias pulls his wet dick out and they both stroke their cock's until one after another releases their huge loads all over Richard's cock and balls.Enjoy!

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As concierge at the hotel, it is a priority for Chris Blades that his guests are satisfied with their stay, but sometimes the pursuit of customer satisfaction requires that he go the extra mile for them. As he knocks on the door to room 501, Chris is unsure what Quentin Gainz will request of him, but he quickly finds out it isn't extra towels when Quentin runs his hand down the front of Chris' pants. Massaging his fly, Quentin looks Chris dead in the eye and Chris comes to understand Quentin's intent. Moments later, Quentin throws Chris onto the bed and begins to have his way with the hotel employee. He pulls Chris' pants off of him and begins to suck him off, tonguing the head of Chris' cock as he takes off his shirt, then flipping Chris onto his side as he fingers Chris' tight hole. Grabbing him by the tie, Quentin plunges his cock deep inside Chris, spreading Chris' legs as he continues to pound away. Chris shows initiative as he flips over and takes Quentin's cock for a test ride, grinding on it as he bounces up and down. Chris tells Quentin to fuck him missionary, and Quentin follows directions, giving Chris one last go before watching Chris nut all over himself as Quentin pulls out and blasts him with his load. Looking down at Chris, Quentin smiles and tells him that was exactly what he needed. Enjoy!

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IFBB Olympia Amateur World Showdown: 100 kg, semifinal

tomas backstage

Marti Pozzi Tena Benidorm IFBB 2016

Behrooz Tabani Abarghani IFBB World Champion 2016

IFBB Asian games weigh in 2016

Iraqi bodybuilder Mahmoud Al Wardy

Pre stage tanning

Packistan backstage posing

Smallest Posing Trunks Ever at a Bodybuilding Competition!

Asian bodybuilding champion Jonathan Casimiro of the Philippines (#52, second from left) competes in a tiny blue thong that fully shows off his glutes at the 2014 Shawn Rhoden Classic. Hope this trend of skimpier posing trunks continues... the glutes are a muscle after all!

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At meet married young couple Bryan and Elaine! They've agreed to participate in a scheme that promises to improve their marriage for the better as Elaine's had it with his selfish macho attitude and domineering ways. Find out what happens when a self centered masculine husband is trained how he should properly serve his wife's desires!

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