Friday, May 19, 2017

UNIVERSITY CRUSH - Sky Wine & Dave Destiux Choke the Bloke part 2

Daddy is getting a little rough with plaything Dave. The boy is following orders like a good little cock slave but daddy isn't gonna be happy until the boy has squirted his hot cum out like he's supposed to. He knows how to help with that, sucking that hard cock and slapping him around, choking him, feeding him his own big piece of meat and making him stroke his cock hard and fast. Finally the boy delivers his load, spewing his cream out over himself. All good boys know how to clean up their own mess, watch him eating his jizz!

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UNIVERSITY CRUSH - Sky Wine Handsome & Hairy Ray Gets Fucked

Ray is a handsome guy, rugged and sexy, a total cock-whore when he gets the chance. He's getting plenty of what he likes from Sky in this debut, sucking on his big dick and jerking himself off, taking a hot load in his face and then riding that bareback length some more to get his own splashing load flooding out of his hairy dick! Looks like he's needed to get that jizz pumping for a while, hopefully we'll see him back for some more real soon!

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Foreign exchange students have the most fun, especially when they're teaching the locals how to party.

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