Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sean Cody - Kaleb and Manny - PHOTOS - SC

Kaleb is back and ready to tackle a few firsts with a guy! Kissing, fucking, getting a blowjob, and a few other things…
“I’m pretty excited to bust on his face, I’ve never done anything like that before.” Kaleb made it known from the start.
Manny just wanted to get started after he reached down and touched Kaleb’s uncut dick, “This is gold right here!”
It’s safe to say that Manny showed Kaleb a great time.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, the laughing girls are confidently circling around the big dumb naked man. They're massively turned on and excited exploring his body. He's so muscular and hairy and sweaty like a stupid beast. And his penis is so sensitive it springs up at the slightest amount of attention making them fall into fits of giggles.

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In the new video at, it's a testing day for young ambassador's assistant James Farquharson. Despite his training, the inexperienced lad is finding it gruelling trying to satisfy the demanding women. When he offered up his anus for them to finger he wasn't prepared for just how painful it would be. Nor how demeaning it would feel. But he can't let his boss down and must find the inner strength to continue. One thing is for certain, the assembled ambassadors have got a taste for naked men and can't get enough.

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TOE GASMS - Timmy Clark Big Boy Timmy Is So Turned On

Everyone loves seeing handsome and fit boy Timmy enjoying himself. He stopped by and wasted little time, getting his feet out and showing them off. I love seeing a barefoot boy in jeans, but I have to admit he's even sexier when that big uncut cock is out. He puts on a great show, stroking his hard dick and playing with his naked feet, pumping a creamy load out and making a hot mess!

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