Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sean Cody - Jakob and Lane - PHOTOS - SC

It was all play with these two. From the moment they met, their playful personalities took over and complimented each other.
At the same time, Jakob was making plans on how to have his way with Lane’s cute little ass.
“I’m ready to have my way with him!”
Although the fun in the pool ended, the real fun started when they went inside to explore each other further!

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MEN.COM - My Cousin Ashton Part 2 - PHOTOS - Brandon Evans,Ashton McKay- DMH- Drill MY Hole

Ashton McKay wakes up next to Brandon Evans and is ready to get down and dirty, but not before breakfast! The boys can’t make it back up to the bedroom in time… Brandon drops down to his knees and blows Ashton’s cock in the kitchen.

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MEN.COM - Secret Affair Part 1 - PHOTOS - Paddy O'Brian,Skyy Knox - DMH - Drill MY Hole

Paddy O’Brian gets intimate with Skyy Knox behind his boyfriend’s back. Skyy savors every inch of Paddy’s huge cock, taking that beautiful mushroom-head deep down his throat. Paddy works his tongue into Skyy’s cute little hole. After a close-call with his returning boyfriend, Paddy and Skyy continue to the main event. That thick Irish cock pillages Skyy’s ass until their cum can’t be contained any longer.

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