Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sean Cody - Gideon - PHOTOS - SC

Gideon had no problem playing with himself on camera…so much so that he brought a toy along to enhance the pleasure factor.
“I’ve had it for quite some time...I use it all the time.”
You can tell he really enjoys having something up his butt! No complaints here!

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MEN.COM - Twink Peaks Part 1 - PHOTOS - Noah Jones, Vadim Black - DMH - Drill My Hole

Dark forces and sensual secrets are afoot in the secluded mountain town of Twink Peaks. Doomed lovers Vadim Black and Noah Jones waste no time expressing their lust with puckered holes and raging hard-ons. They have no idea where it will lead them, but they know it will yield a pleasure both wonderful and strange. Noah pumps his cock far into Vadim’s darkest chambers, sending orgasmic shockwaves through both of their cores.

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MEN.COM - Polyamor-Ass Part 1 - PHOTOS - Cliff Jensen, Vadim Black - DMH- Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen comes clean with his multiple boyfriends about his polyamorous ways. He hopes to loop them all into one relationship by adhering to a strict sex-schedule—but Vadim Black wants special privileges and Cliff’s hot cock deep in his ass.

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MEN.COM - Closet Peepers - PHOTOS - William Seed,Alexy Tyler, Shawn Hardy - DMH - Drill My Hole

William Seed is caught masturbating by Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy—turning those two into cock-crazed horn balls. William’s seed is licked up from where he left it and Alexy and Shawn get to pounding in his bed. After an awkward encounter, William loosens up and joins in on the ass-fucking fun when he barrels Alexy Tyler’s sweet hole to completion.

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