Thursday, May 11, 2017

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, Sheikh Sniffanas now demands total servitude from eager your footballer Freddie. He presents his big hairy arse for the boy to pleasure him. Drained of sperm and covered in sweat, Freddie obediently licks the rim of the powerful man's sphincter and fingers his hole. The eager boy feels a growing sense of pride being able to pleasure the Mancastle United club owner so well!

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Last call at the cruise bar has cum and gone, and with the patrons gone, the bar staff is free to do as they please. Barback CJ Phillips leans against the bar with his ass in bartender Manuel Skye's face, and he sucks eagerly on CJ's tight hole. Spreading CJ's butt wide, Manuel uses his tongue to fuck CJ's ass. When CJ's hole is nice and wet, Manuel stands up and pounds him doggy-style. Their balls bounce in rhythm with their intense fucking. Laying down on the bar, CJ puts his right leg over Manuel's shoulder, giving him access to the sensitive depths of CJ's hole. Stroking his cock, CJ blasts his abs with thick, hot cum. Pulling out, Manuel lets loose with an enormous load, shooting multiple arcs of cum through the air and landing them on CJ's chest.

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MEN.COM - Addicted To Ass Part 2 - PHOTOS - Ashton Mckay, Zayne Hardy - DMH - Drill MY Hole

Ashton McKay is ready for his second-helping of Zayne Hardy’s tight little booty-hole. Doesn’t get more convenient than waking up next to last night’s hook-up. Ashton plunges back into the depths of that ass and pumps away until both men spray their seed.

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MEN.COM - Hat Trick Part 2 - PHOTOS - Paddy O'Brian, Lucas Fox - DMH - Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian has three different lovers to attend to, all competing for more time with his massive cock. Lucas Fox swings by to suck on Paddy’s strong rod and take it deep up his delicious ass. Lucas rides that cock to an orgasmic conclusion, all while keeping quiet to hide it from his other lover.

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