Friday, April 28, 2017

BOYNAPPED - Sebastian Kane & Eli Manuel Twink Dick Vibrated To A Cum Load!

Sexy smooth twink boy Eli is too delicious for anyone to refuse, especially when he's been stripped naked by a couple of the lads and tied down to the old bed ready for someone to come and use. The master has some new toys he wants to try out, but don't be thinking it's going to be easy. Eli's hard uncut cock is soon strapped with a vibrating toy, a wand added to make his cock twitch, hot wax dripping from above! His dick can't take all this pleasure and pain!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, during the day Freddie looks like any other bright young athlete running laps and drills on the football pitch. But the night time is when he really works to advance his career - first submitting to the intrusive inspections of the management in a filthy public toilet, and now in a seedy sauna he helps the wealthy sheikh who owns Mancastle United to relax. And he has to use every part of his sporty body to give this powerful man his pleasure!

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Sean Cody - Conrad - PHOTOS - SC

“I really like to eat ass. That’s one fetish I have. Whenever I’m stroking it, I just think about the person sucking my dick while I eat their ass.” Conrad came clean.
“When did you realize this?”
He was straight forward, “When I tried it.”
It seems as though he tries everything once to see if he likes it or not. That certainly is a plus. Pair that with a great dick and there you have it!

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Sam's at the table sucking the hell out of a lollipop when his pissed off Uncle Anthony comes in yelling at him but Sam can't hear a damn thing since he's wearing headphones. Finally Sam acknowledges his Uncle and concedes he forgot to do some chores. He won't be able to go to the concert later tonight unless he gives up that sweet ass to his Uncle. Anthony pulls out his cock and Sam blows him. Sam will do anything to make it out tonight and if that means having his Uncle fuck him then he will spread his ass cheeks wide and take it like a man. Uncle Anthony takes him to the couch where he gets to suck on Sam's enormous thick cock. This dick takes multiple hands to stroke while sucking it. The thickness in Anthony's mouth begins to make his jaw hurt so he flips Sam over to begin to eat that ass. Sam strokes his fat dick while his Uncle gives him the best rim job he's ever had. Now that his ass is wet and loosened up, Uncle Anthony slowly gives him that dick deep into his eager ass. Once balls deep Anthony begins to pound that young sweet college boy ass. Sam eventually gets to ride his Uncle's shaft as he slowly sits down on it feeling his tight hole stretch even more. Sam rides that cock and gets fucked hard until he's flipped over onto his back where his Uncle fucks the cum right out of his sexy big dick. As soon as Anthony sees that creamy cum ooze out of Sam he pulls his dick out and strokes his big dick until he cums all over Sam leaving gobs of cum all over his smooth chest. Enjoy!

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