Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dallas - PHOTOS - SC

Dallas is one hung guy…he’s pretty modest about it, but really, he shouldn’t be.
When asked to describe his dick to us, we got this: “It’s perfectly symmetrical, long, nice girth to it, and…I love my dick!”
Good enough for us! We’re not complaining about it at all.

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Damien Piers & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Norfolk

Our latest porn star model find is a super sexy power bottom. He's tattooed and a military boy and loves to be the center of attention of as many tops as he can find! Brogan Reed has no problem giving him orders and he's soon on all fours sucking Brogan's cock. Brogan flips him - spits in his hole and rims his tight muscled hole good. It's now ready to receive its punishment as muscle boy Brogan fucks that hole raw. This is an insanely hot scene!

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Horny new Master Aaron appears to dominate and damage this powerless sub.

The snarling, psychotic young Master appears fresh from the football pitch and barks demands at his sub to lick clean his filthy football boots. This excites the Master who then strips off his clothes and thrashes the disobedient runt with his belt, causing red welts on the worm's shapeless rear.

Then the top pounds a massive dildo deep into the sub's mouth before ordering him to sit on it. It's huge girth stretches the runt's hole to ripping point. The Master pisses into the sub's mouth, using him as a human urinal and pounds his cock deep into the back of his throat.

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At BreederFuckers.com, boyish straight Craig is secured down to the exam chair with his legs akimbo and only a pair of thin white pants between us and his most tender bits. This proud cunt only wants to be seen as a tough hard man, but we want him primed and ready to receive a huge gang of pervy men's stiff cocks. Craig doesn't even want anyone looking at his arse. Here his pants are ripped open to reveal his hairy arse crack. Dave shaves him down so his sphincter is slickly pink and fully on show! Now his puss is smooth as a gay whore's. Craig's sphincter is widened by Dave sliding his fingers in to stretch him out.
This angry boy needs to be prepped and ready for the real thing. Craig is fucked deep with a massive dildo power tool that pounds his insides and makes him leak streams of bum juice. We clean out this filthy straight bastard's fuckhole filling him up with water. The entire bag is drained up inside him. Notice how his terrified willy trembles as his anal cavity is fully filled with icy water. We challenge him to hold it all in while whipping his arse and the sensitive soles of his feet with a promise that he'll be thrashed even more if he releases it. When he's fully clean and primed we sample the goods fucking him hard and deep, unleashing our semen onto his sore bum cheeks and anus. Adrian fucks Dave's semen deep into Craig's arse. This straight fucker is now fully prepared to be sold as a gay whore.

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