Thursday, April 13, 2017

MEN.COM - Textual Relations Part 3 - PHOTOS - Noah Jones, Will Braun, Jackson Grant - DMH - Drill My Hole

Will Braun and Noah Jones need to gain more proof to bust Jackson Grant. Their plan to get a full-body picture involves some sucking, some fucking, and loads of hot cum. Jackson gets Noah to fill his hole as he swallows Will’s cock just before Will mounts Noah. The three men share the pleasure before they blow their loads.

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MEN.COM - My Whore Of A Roommate - PHOTOS - T.Long, C.Keller and P.Canon, R.Cage, J.Peterson - JO - Jizz Orgy

This jizz orgy features hunks and hotties Trevor Long, Colby Keller, Paul Canon, Roman Todd, and Jacob Peterson after word gets out that Jacob is quite the whore. All guys are down to get dirty and prove those rumors true. The orgy quickly erupts with hole-swapping cum-guzzling fun.

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Physical, muscular Master Brad reappears at BrutalTops to continue his vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub.

The top lashes a mouth brace onto the runt before riding him around like a donkey. This humiliates the sub and he blanches as he's thrashed by the merciless cane of the top.

Riding over obstacles makes for more pain to the sub who has an arse which is red raw from all the thrashing. Finally, Brad pisses into a dog bowl and the runt is ordered to drink the vile liquid and lick the bowl clean.

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Top Up Down Bottom